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Our solutions and services have been developed from industry wide knowledge and ongoing client consultation and feedback.

Below is a list of the main additional services we currently offer, although we continuously review and assess these ensuring we are always well-placed to be able to further enhance our clients’ operations.

Surge Hiring & Deployment

Through a strategic partner network, we are able to support global surge hiring projects 24 hours a day, thus removing the typical logistical nightmare of trying to support your needs within differing time zones.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing has become one of most popular assessment tools, as it provides a comprehensive review of a person’s ability and/or personality traits in a measured and structured way.

Visa Management

We provide an all encompassing fully managed service that ensures a swift and cost effective resolution, making sure that your employees are fully compliant during their overseas deployment.

Clearance Checks

Italic has developed key partnerships that provide a comprehensive option of checks and swift and highly accurate administration.

In-country Taxation

We have been supporting clients globally in the intricacies of ‘in-country’ deployment for many years and are well positioned to advise and manage many of the pit falls clients can expect in expatriating its employees.


A key component to the successful deployment of staff abroad is being able to provide a swift and hassle free transition. Our internal support team manages all aspects of relocation.

Global 'Meet' and 'Greet'

By having a local point of contact, able to assist in securing Accommodation, Schools, Doctors, Dentists, as well as advise on local laws and cultural differences, a ‘business as usual’ attitude is adopted with minimal disruption.

Facilities Management

We help fill requirements for flexible short term office space, interview suites and conference facilities.

Payroll Logistics

Through the deployment of cutting edge technology and robust, secure driven processes, we are highly competent in delivering fast, multiple currency transactions, whilst ensuring tax compliancy in-country.

Best Practice Advice

As experienced professionals in our area, we are also able to offer specialist advice and best practice guidance on Recruitment Process areas.

If you would like to discuss any of the above mentioned areas in more detail, please contact us.